905 HP
265 KM/H
2.95 SECS
0-100 KM/H

All-Electric Hyper-SUV

Introducing the all-new, all-electric Lotus Eletre - a bold and forward-thinking Hyper SUV. Drawing upon almost 75 years of sports car design and engineering, Eletre embodies Lotus's core principles and DNA, evolving them into a desirable and innovative lifestyle vehicle. With an elegant and exotic appearance featuring active aerodynamics and a dramatic porous design, Eletre is a stunning addition to the Lotus lineup. What sets Eletre apart is pioneering sustainable materials that take the premium driving experience to a new level. These materials enhance the vehicle's aesthetic appeal and offer an eco-friendly and socially responsible option for every journey. Eletre is a testament to Lotus's commitment to innovation, design, and engineering excellence, showcasing its ability to push the boundaries and break new ground in the automotive industry.
"This is undoubtedly the most radical road-going Lotus of all time, even by the high standards of this innovative company." - AutoCar, April 2023

Pioneering Passion

Pioneering Passion

* Performance data based on Eletre R