Series 88 Mariner

425 HP

$350,866.00 CAD

The exterior of this classic 1960s Land Rover Series 88 features a Marine Blue body with traditional Limestone-finished steel wheels, disguising a modern drivetrain beneath. Rebuilt on a custom coil-sprung chassis with robust Defender axles, it incorporates performance disc brakes and modern power steering. The power comes from a 6.2 LS3 Corvette engine delivering 425hp, connected to a five-speed manual transmission—a significant upgrade from its original drivetrain.

Inside, a custom chestnut leather interior includes two front seats, a center console hiding a modern audio system, and a discreetly integrated air conditioning and heating system behind a leather dashboard. The rear features handmade teak flooring and two matching leather bench seats.

While maintaining its iconic 1966 appearance from a distance, behind the wheel, this Land Rover Series 88 offers an entirely new experience.
Series 88 Mariner