HIMALAYA specializes in the re-engineering and restoration of classic Land Rover products, namely the Defender. This includes overhauled chassis, new engine options with greatly increased power, a refined interior using the utmost premium materials, and more. They intend to preserve the Land Rover Defender's unique heritage while enhancing drivability, reliability, and performance.

HIMALAYA specializes in crafting bespoke modern-era Defenders, uniquely tailored to your preferences. These limited-production vehicles combine classic design with personalized interiors, making each one a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

These vehicles are powered by various engines, whether it's the LS3 Corvette engine boasting 525 horsepower, the supercharged LS9, the Cummins diesel, or the classic Land Rover motor.

Their engine choices pay tribute to the desires of automotive enthusiasts, off-roaders, and Land Rover aficionados. Each engine harmonizes seamlessly with the vehicle to ensure top-tier performance.

The process starts with a UK-made, rust-resistant chassis, customized for durability. Custom mounts, trusses, and brackets support drivetrains and upgraded suspensions. Top-of-the-line brake components ensure safety. Rigorous road testing guarantees that each HIMALAYA vehicle meets high standards.

HIMALAYA's work blends luxury and performance, redefining the Defender's 21st-century driving experience while honoring its humble origins.