631 HP
325 KM/H
3.20 SECS
0-100 KM/H

Take All Your Souls to Drive

Introducing the Huracán Tecnica: the latest generation rear-wheel drive V10 designed for drivers who crave thrilling experiences on the road and the track. The Tecnica's name reflects the cutting-edge evolution of the Huracán's technical capabilities. It is instantly recognizable thanks to its updated exterior appearance that enhances aerodynamics for improved performance, stability, and ease of use, especially when driving on the circuit. With the Huracán Tecnica, you can experience the ultimate fun-to-drive performance and the most rewarding driving experience imaginable, with a pilot's attitude that inspires every driver. The Tecnica is as innovative under the hood as on the outside. It is the perfect choice for drivers seeking a versatile supercar that delivers unmatched performance and excitement. Unleash the unique character of the Huracán Tecnica and experience driving perfection.
The Lamborghini Huracan: Where raw power meets sublime elegance, igniting the spirit of adrenaline and sculpting every curve into a symphony of speed and beauty.
* Performance data based on Huracán Tecnica