Range Rover

523 HP
250 KM/H
4.60 SECS
0-100 KM/H

Peerless Refinement and Luxury

Leaders who truly make an impact on history are those who dare to dream big and relentlessly pursue their goals. They have the ability to turn seemingly impossible possibilities into tangible realities that shape the course of generations. The Range Rover is one such leader in the automotive industry. As the first luxury SUV of its kind, it revolutionized the world of refined motoring and continues to build on that legacy 50 years later. Its compelling design exudes elegance, exclusivity, and luxury, setting an example for others to follow. The Range Rover is now more desirable than ever before, seamlessly blending breathtaking modernity and aesthetic grace with cutting-edge technological sophistication and seamless connectivity. Its suite of efficient mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options, along with the availability of four, five, or seven-seat interiors across Standard and Long Wheelbase body designs, make it versatile and adaptable to any environment.

Breathtaking Modernity

Breathtaking Modernity

Range Rover
* *Performance data based on Range Rover P530 AWD