Range Rover Sport

523 HP
250 KM/H
4.50 SECS
0-100 KM/H

Visceral, Dramatic, Uncompromising

The Range Rover Sport redefines sporting luxury. Combining unparalleled on-road performance with the iconic refinement that Range Rover is known for, it sets a new standard in sophistication and convenience. With its progressive design and cutting-edge features, it's the epitome of desirability and capability. The Range Rover Sport is the most dynamic ever produced, combining a range of powerful and responsive powertrains, it provide new levels of driver engagement and agility. The design of Range Rover Sport is a masterpiece of modernism and refinement. Its unique character is elevated to new heights with sophisticated details that catch the eye. The interior is purposefully designed, it embraces simplicity and elegance, creating a space that promotes driver engagement like never before. Every element is carefully crafted to enhance the driving experience, making the Range Rover Sport the ultimate choice for those who seek both luxury and performance.
“The Range Rover Sport is unique, its dynamic and sporty personality blends perfectly with the level of a Range Rover you expect. It is a perfect vehicle for every purpose.”

Modernist, sophisticated and dynamic

Modernist, sophisticated and dynamic

Range Rover Sport
* Performance data based on 2023 Range Rover Sport P530 First Edition