394 HP
200 KM/H
4.80 SECS
0-100 KM/H

Thrilling to Drive, Easy to Live With.

The unique feel of a Jaguar on the road is unmatched by any other car, and this remains true even as we transition to all-electric power. The Jaguar I-PACE represents the electrifying future of the brand, drawing upon 80 years of innovation, design, and engineering to build upon Jaguar's past achievements. The I-PACE is purpose-built from the ground up to fully embrace the possibilities of electric power. Its radical design conceals an exquisite interior with SUV levels of practicality, providing a sophisticated and seamless all-electric powertrain that delivers high performance with zero tailpipe emissions. The car's cutting-edge technologies have been developed to work seamlessly with the car and its driver, making the I-PACE thrilling to look at and drive, easy to live with, and connected like never before. The I-PACE is our smartest five-seater sports car yet, representing a new era in automotive engineering and design.
The Jaguar I-Pace offers an exceptionally thrilling experience for both driver and passengers. While totally silent, the I-Pace propels itself from 0-100KM/H in just 4.8 seconds, all while producing zero emissions as the first battery electric vehicle stemming from Coventry. With Jaguar transitioning to an electrified future, the I-Pace is considered the pioneer that started the EV revolution within JLR.