1600 HP
440 KM/H
2.40 SECS
0-100 KM/H

Breaking new dimensions

The CHIRON stands as the pinnacle of BUGATTI's legacy. As the fastest, most powerful, and most exclusive production vehicle in BUGATTI's history, it exudes an unrivaled aura of sophistication and innovation. Its design is a symphony of art, form, and technique, pushing the boundaries of imagination to new heights. Rooted in the heritage of a family of artists and engineers, BUGATTI has always aimed to deliver the extraordinary, the unparalleled, the best.

Every aspect of the CHIRON is a seamless fusion of its illustrious history and cutting-edge technology. From its sleek lines to its innovative features, it is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering. The attention to detail and craftsmanship has resulted in a creation of enduring value, a breathtaking accomplishment in the world of automobiles. The CHIRON is a testament to BUGATTI's unwavering commitment to excellence, setting a new standard for automotive prowess and pushing the limits of what is possible.
"Chiron sets a new benchmark for performance, capability and technology. Crucially it now adds driving enjoyment and engagement to the mix." - Evo Magazine, January 2020
* Performance data based on CHIRON SUPER SPORT