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Aston Martin DBX Coming Soon!

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Elegant SUV

Tthe whole thing is actually very elegant, once the camouflage is removed. The lines are flowing and inherit Aston Martin DNA, with a rear end that echoes the lines of the Vantage, with its lights extending over the boot lid spoiler. At the front, the famous grille is of course continued, surrounded by two high, elongated headlamps and two small air intakes. Finally, from the side, the silhouette is certainly imposing, with its 22-inch wheels, but it remains rather harmonious, with marked flanks and a very sloping bezel. However, the SUV remains very imposing, with a length of 5.04 meters and a height of 1.68 meters, while the ground clearance can vary, increasing by 45 mm or decreasing by 50 mm as needed, thanks to an adaptive suspension system.

Come Visit Us!

Short & Simple review: Looking for a Land Rover, go with this dealership, ask for Cody and you will be well taken care of! Long and realistic experience: When we were deciding to go for Land Rover, we had multiple options, and we are so happy that we ended up with Land Rover in Grand Touring. We were introduced with Cody, who is a gem of a person. He is a good listener, understood our requirements and most importantly our budget. He is also a great advisor as he pointed us to the best options we should opt for. He never attempted to oversell, which is a quality not to miss. I have eaten his brains more than anyone during the time I placed the order until the delivery. He has calmly answered all my questions right away, and if in case he did not have the answer, he never gave us an incorrect one to just rid of the question. He took his time, researched it, and provided us with all the information he could. Any organisation is known because of their people, and this one has a lot of great people who will listen to your need and try their best to give you an option that works for you. They keep the client before them! Amanda, the finance guru, another great person. She can and will answer all your questions regarding the numbers, the ownership options. Mike, who helped us understand the car while taking the delivery. He never rushed to complete the session, he calmy went through the features, followed up for any questions we might still have. It is a blessing to know tha...

Aditya Mohta

The best service received, ensuring my vehicle is always perfect, from Spring to Winter. My service advisor Andrew is exceptional - efficient and very easy to deal with. Thank You!

Suzy M.

Having spent my life in the automotive industry I have experienced many ups and downs. I have dealt with the majority of luxury dealerships in the city and Grand Touring deserves the 5star from me. They are top tier in the industry and carry a wide variety of luxury brands. I have sent dozens of my clients over to them over the years and they have always come back to me with a great review about their experience and purchase. Giancarlo has been my sales rep for the past ten years and has never let me, my friends or my clients down. I recently was invited to attend the launch of the new Land Rover Range Rover L460. I was blown away by the event, attention to detail and most importantly how I was treated by the sales staff. They were extremely knowledgeable about the brands they carry and treated you as a friend instead of a client. I will continue to give all my business to Grand Touring and look forward to attending plenty more events in the future. As for the new generation Range Rover full size I am happy to be the first to leave my review about it. Land Rover has once again bumped the standards for what a luxury SUV should be. The design is sleek, modern and has no extra body lines that would make it overwhelming to look at. I was extremely happy about the seats being soft and plushy unlike the previous models. The new style shifter is much more user friendly and the dashboard is very appealing to look at as well.

Farkhat K

They found me a beautiful Range Rover Velar that I completely fell in love with. Eric my sales rep was awesome and handled everything perfectly. He even found me snow tires and rims from another one of his clients.

Alex Jordan

Where do I start? So many good things to say about Grand Touring and specifically Chad and Janet, my sales executive and financing manager respectively. I was looking at getting a sports car in manual, considering the crazy market we're in I saw a Mustang GT manual on their lot for a good price. Sent them an inquiry, Chad followed up in time and we set up an appointment. We went through numbers that would work for me. Even though their in-house leasing guys made a few tiny errors both Chad and Janet were quick and responsive in ironing out the kinks quickly and sorted my trade-in matters and the contract quickly. These guys sell many other high-end luxury brands. I was probably one of the youngest buyers there and was still treated with utmost respect throughout. Thanks for the fun pony and keep it up! My only gripe was that I wasn't allowed a test drive even though I know other dealerships, including Ford's, do. Fix that and it's an easy 5.

Vaibhav Chaudhary