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Lamborghini Urus near Ottawa

Lamborghini Urus near Ottawa

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Why a Lamborghini Urus

When we are talking about pushing boundaries, we have to talk about the Lamborghini Urus. A Lamborghini SUV? What would that even look like? Well, for starters it certainly isn’t your parents’ SUV. It’s sleek, stylish, and with more power under the hood than you could possibly imagine. It is a vehicle that stands out as incredible even among its own kind. No other SUV has the same look, feel, and attention to detail that the Urus has in its front left tire.

When the time comes to investigate your Lamborghini Urus near Ottawa, we hope you will come and see us first right here at Grand Touring Automobiles. With a dedication to luxury, customer service, and a unique experience, we are the place to come and find the luxury vehicle you have been dreaming about. Come and see us at 777 Dundas St E, in Toronto, or you can give us a call at +1 866-984-3901 to book your appointment today.


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Choose the Lamborghini Urus at Grand Touring Automobiles

Grand Touring Automobiles - Look like Lightning

Look like Lightning

The first thing you will notice about your new Urus is that it seems like a fusion of the best parts of a few different kinds of vehicles. From the distinct Lamborghini engine sound to its low position and SUV elements, this is a vehicle that prides itself on standing apart from the crowd, and even driving away from it if necessary.

Grand Touring Automobiles - Feel like Thunder

Feel like Thunder

Under the hood the Urus is bringing it in a big way. With a V8 bi-turbo engine that caps out at 650 hp, you can be sure that this is the fastest and strongest SUV you’re going to find. An 8-gear automatic transmission works in perfect harmony with a permanent four wheel drive to bring you even more power and control for the roads ahead.

Grand Touring Automobiles - The Anima Awakens

The Anima Awakens

What really sets the Urus apart is the electronic platform that controls its behaviour. You can choose between many different drive modes. For starters, STRADA which is for ease of driving and comfort, SPORT for when you want to kick it into high gear, and CORSA for when you want to win the race. There are other modes, but you’ll have to come in and talk to us to find out more about the Lamborghini Urus near Ottawa.

Grand Touring Automobiles - Come and Meet Your Urus

Come and Meet Your Urus

Rely on the team here at Grand Touring Automobiles to find you the Lamborghini Urus near Ottawa that you have been dreaming about. We are the area’s preeminent dealer of luxury vehicles, and with our knowledge and expertise on your side you’re going to be driving away in style in no time at all!

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