2017 Bespoke Features Gallery

No two masterpieces are ever the same.  Each is tailored, pesonal, bespoke.

Over the years, our customers have found inspiration in nature, art, ancient legends, precious scents and even cult TV. In an experience beyond compare, they collaborate with our expert designers and skilled craftspeople to bring their vision to life. Finally, unveiling their bespoke Rolls-Royce and witnessing their delight as they explore the finely honed features of what can only be described as a truly unique automotive event.

Our customers are the artists of their own masterpieces, and an original piece of art is exponentially more valuable than an imitation. Rolls-Royce Bespoke is built on different levels of personalisation, softening what can sometimes seem a daunting proposition when faced with a blank page on which to build a car. We call this our Commissioned Collection.

From subtle details to grand statements, the Commissioned Collection offers a wide range of options to make your vehicle distinctive. Every feature in the collection has been hand-selected and developed by the Bespoke Team at Goodwood to help make your masterpiece truly special. Unlike one-off developments, Commissioned Collection features benefit from set prices and selection will have little to no effect on the delivery time of your car.

Download the 2017 Bespoke Feature Gallery