2007 Range Rover HSE Road Test

October 15, 2007
2007 Range Rover HSE Road Test
By Rob Rothwell, Auto123.com
Good day Squire

Land Rovers have a long and distinct, safari-rich off-road history. While they have never lost their ability to survive the heat of the Savannah desert or the wet of the Borneo rainforest, they have evolved into the most luxurious line of SUVs on the planet, and this week's ebony tester is clear and convincing evidence.

The King of all roads.

New for 2007
Each reworking of a Land Rover product seems to diminish its inherent UK-based quirkiness and character. Fortunately the "mainstreaming" hasn't entirely eliminated the Range Rover's uniqueness among the cast premium-SUVs available today.

2007 brought a newly designed cabin to Land Rover's flagship. The cabin features a restyled instrument panel and new seats along with upgraded trim and décor. Opulence abounds, making the Range Rover HSE the Bentley of the SUV world. I found the alterations most attractive and functional indeed. Control and switchgear layout is far more intuitive than in the past. All knobs, dials and switches impart a sense of quality and precision.

My tester was equipped with optional 14-way ventilated power front seats. From these "first class" perches, occupants are treated to a commanding view of the road and surrounding environment. High seating positions is a Land Rover trait. The elevated roosts provided me with a clear view of the vehicle's broad hood. Unlike sleeker nose designs, the Range Rover's hood - or bonnet as the Brits would prefer - is perfectly visible corner to corner.

The extra height also delivers superior sight lines alongside the vehicle, which can be very advantageous when navigating one's way over and around rough terrain, which for 2007 has been made more straightforward than ever.

For 2007, the interior has received a more than welcome update.
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