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Grand Touring Automobiles Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

I.B. | ON | 2017-12-27

Dealership Experience - Horror tales or good

Over the decades of purchasing high end cars, I have encountered the full gamut of dealers ranging from terrible to wonderful. Most have fallen into the category of attentive to above average in attempting to serve their clients. 

However, I feel compelled to make special mention of Grand Touring Auto, the authorized Lamborghini dealer in Toronto. From the initial meeting, to test driving the cars onward to the ordering process, not only was the experience exceptionally cordial and informative, it was actually fun and exciting.

My sales rep, Heather, who many might know from her edifying and entertaining youtube videos, must be the best in the business.She is highly professional, knowledgable and truly devoted to serving the needs of the buyer.Every facet of the purchasing journey was nothing but a pleasure. The prompt and courteous communication from Heather, whether it was in her role as liaison between Lamborghini and the dealership pertaining to delivery or responding to queries about car options was unique in my experience. 

The General Manager of Lamborghini Toronto, James Davidson, deserves extreme kudos. He has engendered my highest level of respect and gratitude for the manner in which he expended every effort to satisfy any of my concerns or issues. His integrity is beyond reproach and his pertinacious dedication to creating a highly professional and ethical organization was clearly evident from our first meeting and was reinforced throughout the purchasing process.

My praise for this dealership and the employees with whom I dealt cannot be overstated. By a wide margin, this was the most satisfying buying and after purchase experience I have ever encountered.

A | ON | 2017-12-27

Firstly, congratulations on such a beautiful and as I understand completely functional new building.  From the pictures, it looks amazing.   I certainly will get down there one day as I work in the North end of town.  I know it is alsways nice to hear something positive about your company or people rather than the other.   I have only written such praises for 2 others in my life that I can recall and both were in my line of work many years ago.  Actually,  I never received such a nice note like I have written!

Kerr Boyd | Ontario | 2017-09-28

Gord Humes in service and Mike Rainaldi in parts were the employees that assisted me . Both went far and above my expectations to ensure my satisfaction. Thanks to Gord and Mike , my experience at the dealership has been excellent.

Thai-Son NQ | Québec | 2017-08-16

I had the pleasure of being attended to by Mark Gallo for a prospective inter-provincial purchase. I ended up purchasing a local vehicle, but I could not ignore the level of service I received throughout our interactions. I was astonished to see how Mark was committed to client service excellence. He was available way beyond regular working hours, anticipated my questions and concerns as a "long distance" buyer, and provided me with details, documentation and photos related to the vehicle of interest. He consistently ensured he had the supporting documentation to validate any gaps in information and followed up rigourously yet unagressively - both of which are key elements I look for as a well informed customer. My takeaway to all prospective buyers - both local and national - is that I have never encountered a sales executive who states their confidence in their reputation for client excellence, and shortly thereafter exceeds it repeatedly.

R. Stephen Jones | Ontario | 2017-05-14

Jason Lam was very helpful, attentive and professional. I would highly recommend his services, as I am very pleased with the help and assistance he provided as I bought my new Jaguar.

Domenic D. | ON | 2017-04-12

Dealing with Heather, James and the entire Uptown Toronto team have been such a great experience. This is now my 3rd purchase from them and the experience keeps getting better and better. I ask a ton of questions and always like being in the loop and the communication between Heather and James has been nothing short of incredible. Heather will answer her phone no matter what time or day it is. These people care and honestly love their jobs. This is a very hard quality to find in a company. Uptown Toronto team keep up the amazing work and see you for my next purchase.

Alan K. | ON | 2017-04-03

I do have the pleasure of writing this e-mail to give a thumb-up to the young executive at the Jaguar brand. 

Mr. Jason Lam is a breeze to deal with, not only by providing correct professional answers concerning the automobile. 
His candid personality and enthusiasm are definitely the assets to his success in the field & a precious individual at your establishment. 

Well done Jason

A very satisfy potential patron.

Leonardo M. | ON | 2017-02-16

Through out my years I have purchased or leased at least 30 plus vehicles and I must say this was the best service I have had. From salesperson to management. They were very respectful and honest. Jason was fabulous to the extent that he was willing to go over all the functions with us even days after delivery.......who would do that? He truly cares. Thanks to the whole team at Grand Touring Auto and keep up the excellent work.

Jaime L. | ON | 2017-01-17

Peter was awesome! He took the time to listen to me and rushed the purchase so I had my new car in 24 hrs - amazing experience working with him.

Victor C. | ON | 2017-01-09

Alek Ackerman is an excellent sale associate. Three of us: my wife, my daughter and I are very happy with Alek's services. Alek took us for a test drive and he spent time to explain the car's features. good job and thank you Alek.

Mario S. | ON | 2017-01-09

Any doubts or reservations were allayed by a very accommodating sales agent with a gentle sales approach. This was a welcomed attribute of the experience. The email exchanges informed preferences in models among the options available. The agent never tired of enquiries.

Rudy D. | ON | 2017-01-09

Gord is great!

Alison B. | ON | 2017-01-05

Our sales representative Alek Ackerman was outstanding. He had an extensive amount of knowledge on the product and helped us custom order the vehicle to our liking and it has met all of our expectations.
It was the experience we were hoping for when purchasing a vehicle of that quality.

Renown N. | ON | 2016-12-30

Thank you to Raj and his crew for making my second experience another memorable one!

Andrew S. | ON | 2016-12-30

Bun was his typical professional and effective self.

Marcy M. | ON | 2016-12-16

I have been working with Gord Humes and Tracy for a number of years. They make me feel completely confident that my vehicle has had the finest care. They always great me with warmth and go out of their way to consider my schedule when booking my appointments or addressing an emergency. I feel in their care I am in good hands and I know from previous experiences at other facilities that this level of customer service is extremely hard to find. I would never change to a different service facility because of these two amazing people.

Roger A. | ON | 2016-12-16

I have always been completely satisfied with GT service.

Daniel J. | ON | 2016-12-14

Love your work, keep it up!!

Eric S. | ON | 2016-12-14

Gord and the service team are always top notch, he is always quick to help and makes sure all service is performed 100%.

John B. | ON | 2016-12-14

Always a great experience.

Terry L. | ON | 2016-12-07

Cannot say enough about Alek, our sales person. He is extremely knowledgable and personable. His passion for Jaguar is contagious! We were very pleased with the experience and are equally pleased with our new car.

Lorraine J. | ON | 2016-12-07

Gord is a pleasure to deal with and gives us personalized treatment.

Gary W. | ON | 2016-12-07

Wonderful experience all round.

Yogamal J. | ON | 2016-11-28

I am very much satisfied with the service of Grand Touring Automobiles.

Lisa P. | ON | 2016-11-26

It was a smooth tire change process. All the items I reported needing fixing were addressed and my car was ready by the next day. Gord was great to deal with as usual - funny but always professional. Thanks Land Rover Toronto!

Carmela R. | ON | 2016-11-26

Bun is truly exceptional.

Andrew D. | ON | 2016-11-26

Jey is an excellent service advisor. He is a great asset to Grand Touring.

J-Stephen S. | ON | 2016-11-26

Always a pleasure dealing with Gord. He is by far the best service advisor I have known and is one of the reasons I always use your service department.

Mike W. | ON | 2016-11-17

I will be a life long customer because your service is so pleasant and professional.

Elaine M. | ON | 2016-11-11

Tracey has been amazing during this frustrating time. She has done everything within her control (and then some) to minimize the frustration and disruption associated with these repeated unexpected interruptions over a short period. She has been absolutely exceptional in her role as Customer Relations Manager. She has been readily available, understanding, accommodating, courteous, professional, capable and hardworking. She focused on ensuring everything was as easy and seamless as possible for me. She went above and beyond to accommodate the timing and logistics of the servicing, from start to finish.

She is an exceptional employee. I want to make sure this is noted and recognized.

Scott O. | ON | 2016-11-11

Excellent Service - Bun Eap my service consultant was great!!

Jeff S. | ON | 2016-11-07

Hi Isabel,

Thank you for the message.

Since using the Service Department over the past two years, and including my purchase experience, Grand Touring has been top notch in customer service.

I would like to recognize Jey and Bun from the Service Department, as they have treated me the utmost respect and care over two years. They are an asset to your business. Also, Peter in Sales, kept up the same level of care. I'm the kind of person to just walk out if I don't get the right level of service and kindness when making any purchase, especially one as substantial as this. As I told Peter, I am not independently wealthy, I work hard for my money and need to be sensible in major purchases. Peter was entirely respectful of that, and did a perfect job from introduction to driving off the lot.

I hope you don't mind my little stories, but I manage a very large team, and understand the need for recognition. Please share with Bun as I don't have his email.

Thanks again, and I will do the survey with highest marks.


Dmyant S. | ON | 2016-11-07

Gord is always professional. Represents Grand Touring very well.

Hung D. | ON | 2016-11-01

Service team was professional and kind. team dont deserve 10 on Survey should. They deserve 11!!

Lana M. | ON | 2016-11-01

Gordon Humes was excellent, keep up the good work.

Paul G. | ON | 2016-10-24

Peter delivered the vehicle ahead of schedule....which was awesome!

Kim P. | ON | 2016-10-24

The crowded parking lot area is problematic but will go away once in the new building. Overall a very easy, non stessfull experience. Advisor helped me with a specific problem for which I am very appreciative.

Cliff H. | ON | 2016-10-21

Amina was a pleasure to work with. She kept in regular touch with me and was very helpful. I give her full marks for great customer service!!

Kristine D. | ON | 2016-10-20

Amina was amazing, great follow up to let me know what was happening with my LR2.

Renown N. | ON | 2016-10-20

Tracey and Monika were very accommodating and gave me their in-house loaner! Such sweethearts. Bunlong treated me more than just a "customer", but a friend so I felt very at-home and comfortable.

Patrick K. | ON | 2016-10-20

Bun was great as always!

Jay D. | ON | 2016-10-20

Always treated royally by everyone.

Patrick M. | ON | 2016-10-20

Gord Humes responded to all questions that I asked and was able to diagnose the problem.

Stacy B. | ON | 2016-10-20

Gord is a credit to the franchise.

Nancy L. | ON | 2016-10-20

I truly felt like a valued customer.

David G. | ON | 2016-10-20

Serg, the best service advisor ever!!!

Fred G. | ON | 2016-10-18

Gord never fails... Nothing but the best when it comes to getting your car serviced. Cars super clean and always on time. Thanks to Gord I never go a day without my car.

Yi Z. | ON | 2016-10-18

Best purchasing experience ever. The staff there are professional, friendly and truly exceptional. Will always go back for future purchases.

Diana B. | ON | 2016-10-12

My vehicle has been stolen, which lucky was recovered with no damage, other than a dead battery. Nevertheless, Jey Sivaprasand offered exceptional assistance to me during the time, including prompt follow ups, vehicle inspection, assistance to the insurance adjuster and road tests, which has put my mind at ease. Despite this traumatic experience I have had, Jey's professionalism and personal touch has given me assurance, strength and comfort to go through this stressful time. Thank you Jey and the team!

Daniel W. | ON | 2016-10-12

Chen was great and patient with us. He did all of the work and made it easy to purchase.

Anet G. | ON | 2016-10-12

Very impressed at how efficient our experience was. We were in and out in no time! Excellent service.

Roula A. | ON | 2016-10-12

Excellent service. Always treated royally by everyone.

Allan M. | ON | 2016-10-12

Amina Mohamed's service was exceptional!

Errol P. | ON | 2016-10-04

This is my second vehicle through this dealership. Since my first vehicle in 2010, their service, attention to detail, follow up, and product knowledge has been exceptional. The fact that they remember me when I walk in, taking into account that they must have hundreds if not thousands of other clients, is beyond exceptional. From the sales office, to the financing, service and delivery. 10 out of 10.

Greenberg R. | ON | 2016-10-04

Very pleased.

Lisa P. | ON | 2016-10-04

Gord was courteous, professional and efficient - he is always a pleasure to deal with! And a special mention to Tracey who made sure I got the right loaner vehicle for my needs while my truck was in for repair. And when I called her to advise of a warning message appearing on the loaner, she arranged to have a replacement driven over to me asap. This team is fantastic!

David T. | ON | 2016-10-04

Gord Humes has provided me with truly exceptional service over the last six years that I have had my XFR. He has been the best car service advisor I have ever experienced.

Joseph R. | ON | 2016-10-04

We were extremely happy with the overall experience and work provided!

Sudeep P. | ON | 2016-09-30

It was a pleasant experience and I was really happy with the sales experience. Jason Day and Michael were great and they were very friendly. Jason helped me with all my queries to my complete satisfaction .The transaction was smooth and quick and I hardly had to bother. Hopefully will receive the same great response for after sales & service. Would like to thank the LR team at Grand Touring Toronto for their dedication towards customers.

George R. | ON | 2016-09-30

Very impressed that my vehicle was finished ahead of schedule.

Karim J. | ON | 2016-09-26

Truly exceptional customer service and care by Chen!

Hannah K. | ON | 2016-09-23

Bun exceeded our expectations and definitely made a positive experience to our visit this time compared to our last few visits with another service associate. Thank you.

Lee C. | ON | 2016-09-22

Ricardo our sales rep was professional, friendly. Huge knowledge about the Range Rover. Gave us his personal # number to call and stressed any time. Also followed up to make appointment to do some parking lessons and review all options. As Ricardo said "just open the door, it speaks for itself". Love the vehicle.

Craig F. | ON | 2016-09-22

Both Jeff and Gord continue to demonstrate they run a truly 'best in class' service department which others in the industry can benchmark themselves from. Thanks for the great experience!

James J. | ON | 2016-09-16

Bun is amazing. Couldn't ask for a better person to work with.

Jonathan G. | ON | 2016-09-16

Chen is a great salesperson and a pleasure to purchase a car from.

Giulia G. | ON | 2016-09-14

Alek was amazing to deal with. He was professional on top of things and efficient.

Melandro Q. | ON | 2016-09-12

Chen (my sales agent) is 100% amazing.

Andrea B. | ON | 2016-09-12

Alek Akerman is a true professional - his product knowledge is exceptional and he goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction.

Alex I. | ON | 2016-09-12

My service advisor Rey went above and beyond his role. He is excellent.

Hung D. | ON | 2016-09-06

Advisor and tech was exceptionally AWESOME.

Yaser S. | ON | 2016-08-29

The whole experience was amazing. Just landed from the airport and bought better than my target car in just an hour. That's simply wow. Response and clarity on paper work enabled me to pick the car very smoothly.

Michael B. | ON | 2016-08-29

Peter Feret looked after us very well. He has responded to the small niggles we had with a couple of software issues. He ensured that we were not inconvenienced and was very accommodating as we were still testing out the car prior to purchase. I have felt that he was looking after me before and after we purchased the vehicle.

Joseph P. | ON | 2016-08-29

The salesman Michael was knowledgeable and answers every question I asked- was honest and was confident in the product description. Most importantly for me was not pushy like most salesman and not aggressive. I can't speak highly enough of Michaels treatment of myself and my wife. Will definitely recommend Grand Touring to others.

Shima A. | ON | 2016-08-24

Bun was helping me for the second time after 7-8 months... Great customer service as he had before...professional attitude, great smile and friendly, presentable. Explaining the details and kept updating me on the process. Bun gets the truly exceptional on his own customer service. I strongly recommend my friends go directly to him! However no need to mention, I always had a great experience with sales and service staff member in Dupont location.

Peter T. | ON | 2016-08-24

Excellent service as usual.

William R. | ON | 2016-08-24

The service was conducted well. Bun Eap was very kind and I felt that I was a customer who was appreciated by all the staff I met. My experience was once again a good experience.

Wendy K. | ON | 2016-08-24

Bun always provides the best, carefree service.  He is an asset to your Service Department!

Paolo B. | ON | 2016-08-24

Bun is an absolute star!  Clear in his communication, resolute and astute in confirming the process and what work will be done.

Svetlana M. | ON | 2016-08-24

Very professional, fast, efficient and friendly. Great experience dealing with your team!

Jts Kao Medicine Professional Corporation | ON | 2016-08-24

Bun is the best advisor I have ever worked with.

Yanic S. | ON | 2016-08-24

Gord always does a very well job with that and when we deal directly with him for the whole process it makes things easier and better.

Lorraine J. | ON | 2016-08-24

Gord has always given us an excellent service.

Edward R. | ON | 2016-08-24

Great.  Gord H.  was terrific to interact with 5 Star all the way.  Melissa was excellent on the phone as well, and very helpful in answering questions. Very impressed by your dealership and service.  Thank you.

Hav-a-Kar Leasing | ON | 2016-08-24

Gord and Tracey make the service process seamless.

Amir F. | ON | 2016-08-24

Although my car needed additional work but he did his best to get my car done on the original scheduled time.

Feruza A. | ON | 2016-08-24

Big Thanks from me to Rick and Michael Hastie.

Kaitlyn B. | ON | 2016-08-24


Nenad J. | ON | 2016-08-24

Great experience!!!

Elaine M. | ON | 2016-08-24

Bun was great as usual! Thanks for washing the car a 2nd time because it was raining....also appreciated the loaner for the day - made it much easier to be without my car for the day.

Ivan M. | ON | 2016-08-24

Sales staff was very accommodating when I had to delay the vehicle pick-up.

Nancy L. | ON | 2016-08-24

Both Jey and Sean went above and beyond. It feels very good to get treated this way

William M. | ON | 2016-08-24

Everything was done to my absolute satisfaction and at the time requested, Quickly.

Fraser M. | ON | 2016-08-24

Gord is a true advocate for JLR and makes me deeply consider trading my Porsche to have 2 JLR

John B. | ON | 2016-08-24

The added bonus is that I met Andre De Grasse's cousin who is the Service Department Receptionist. You know the very recent Olympic medalist in Rio.

Adam H. | ON | 2016-08-16

Bun was great!

Loren R. | ON | 2016-08-16

Overall great service!

Al-Azhar K. | ON | 2016-08-16

Bun is terrific! I had to get my car towed in to the dealership and I left a message for Bun and he took care of everything else for me. He is an outstanding employee who makes every effort to help his customers. He really treats the place like it's his own business.

Brian C. | ON | 2016-08-16

Alek was a great help, and was always on point with responding to my emails!

Peter H. | ON | 2016-08-16

Great service by both Jeff Madill and Gord Humes. You are lucky to have such dedicated professional staff who always provide very courteous and attentive service despite being (obviously) very busy!

Karen C. | ON | 2016-08-16

I absolutely love the friendliness of all the staff I dealt with, always smiling

Paolo B. | ON | 2016-08-11

Truly the best service I have experienced.

The whole process from initially booking an appointment, dropping off the car, the car getting inspected to the actual final repair was above and beyond what was expected.

I truly felt in that my car was in safe hands getting the best possible quality of work.

Thank you



J-Stephen S. | ON | 2016-08-09

Great experience, flat tire fixed and module for car backordered.

Ray F. | ON | 2016-08-09

Extremely happy with the service. Gord Humes couldn’t have been more professional. He told me what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. I rate your service 12 out of 10. Please tell Gord how happy I am with the service.

Huston L. | ON | 2016-08-09

Mr Eap took care of everything seamlessly, professionally, and confidently. He is a pleasure to deal with.

Paul D. | ON | 2016-08-09

Alec was a very detailed, organized, speedy and punctual sales person. Would buy my next Jag from him.

Emanuel P. | ON | 2016-08-09

Great dealership keep up the good work

Ray Gogel | ON | 2016-07-22


Renown N | ON | 2016-07-22

Thank you Bunlong and Rick for tag-teaming me. It was yet another great experience. Gord was welcoming as always and it was a bonus being able to take a loaner vehicle. The Evoque is a great product that I am considering as an alternative now that I was able to drive it whilst my at was being serviced.

Ronald M. | ON | 2016-07-22


Hung D. | ON | 2016-07-22

The tech and advisor  was awesome!

Jordan F. | ON | 2016-07-22

Jey was an absolute pleasure to work with, he was friendly, accommodating and very informative.

Robert W. | ON | 2016-07-22

Good service.

Xuliang F | ON | 2016-07-22

Jay possessed great customer service skills and very knowledgable about the services and the vehicles.

Jonathan S. | ON | 2016-07-22

Jay truly goes above and beyond to accommodate his clients. Incredible customer service every time.

Sukhwinder K. | ON | 2016-07-22

Very kind people, will always come back.

Kevini S. | ON | 2016-07-22

Great customer service!

Brad N. | ON | 2016-07-22

Rick was/is a pleasure to deal with.  He was very responsive to my needs and I felt that he genuinely cared about providing exceptional service and meeting my needs.

Farhan H. | ON | 2016-07-22

Overall a good Experience.

Baker And Baker Professional Corporation | ON | 2016-07-22

Serge is always fantastic and provides me with the answers to all my questions. Top notch service always!

Susana R. | ON | 2016-06-23

Jason Lam and Michael Ferrara were an absolute pleasure to deal with, and would not hesitate to refer Jason to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle from your organization. 

Michael was extremely approachable and his willingness and patience to explain different coverage offerings made it stress free!

Jason truly understands and demonstrates customer service in every exchange we had. His prompt responsiveness and professionalism is recognized and for that, he will continue to be my go-to guy for my vehicle needs in the future. 

Thank you!

Tan-Hung D. | ON | 2016-06-23

Sale manger made my experience top notch 

J-Stephen S. | ON | 2016-06-23

Many thanks to Rick for an overall great experience. Special thanks to Jaguar mechanic Ronnie who took time to help me with a problem I was having with park assist. Very much appreciated. 

Jennifer L. | ON | 2016-06-23

Both Alek Akerman and John Koutalakis are truly amazing! 

Yin L. | ON | 2016-06-23

Thank You

Baker And Baker Professional Corporation | ON | 2016-06-23

Serge is always fantastic and provides me with the answers to all my questions. Top notch service always!

Hung D. | ON | 2016-06-23

The tech and advisor was awesome! 

Sukhwinder K. | ON | 2016-06-23

Very kind people, will always come back

Jordan F. | ON | 2016-06-23

Jey was an absolute pleasure to work with, he was friendly, accommodating and very informative. 

Lisa P. | ON | 2016-06-23

The service was fantastic as usual - Sandra at front desk service reception is personable and professional, Gord is always upbeat and ready to address any problems I come to him with and the service team completed everything on time and with care. It's a team that works well together. Now all you guys need to do is provide those other minor service details that busy customers like myself would appreciate you handling while having their cars serviced (i.e. rust removal, rust proofing, navigation system updates, etc) vs having to go elsewhere. Customers don't mind paying a bit more for that if it makes their life easier!!!! Thank you!

J-Stephen S. | ON | 2016-06-23

Alek went above and beyond as far as the sales experience is concerned. The car was ready and completely set up on time. Alek went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect by the time I arrived, not only was inControl protect set up, but so was the internet and Sirius radio.He spent a lot of time going over every detail and answering my questions. In fact, even after I picked up the car he went out of his way to help me with a setup problem and he continues to provide assistance. Truly the best car purchase experience I have had and my thanks to all the great people at Grand Touring of making this possible. 

Alex L. | ON | 2016-06-23

Gord is a very professional advisor who services our two Range Rover sports!

Mary C. | ON | 2016-06-23

Peter was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly made the whole experience a lot of fun!! Thank you

Daniel L. | ON | 2016-06-23

Alek was a fantastic salesman. I have recommended him already to a few friends looking for new vehicles.

Anet G. | ON | 2016-06-23

Can begin to explain how amazing this experience was from start to finish. The staff was incredible and we will definitely be returning again!

susan stancer | Ontario | 2016-06-23

Tim Mundy embodies your organization's high standard of excellence. His professionalism comprises all the qualities for ideal customer service: expertise, competence, and the all-important communication skills, including listening as well as explaining succinctly. From his very busy desk, to his on-the-road careful inspection of the damage to my Civic, to the explanation of the repair bill, Tim was patient, thorough, and always considerate. Many thanks!

Nathan P. | ON | 2016-05-22

Great dealership and first class service...
thanks Steve for my beautiful Aston Martin!

Al A. | ON | 2016-05-07

It is our 1st Land Rover and so our 1st service experience, overall, from customer service desk, the guy in charge for the car loaner , esp. Bunn (my apology if I didn't spell that correctly) are explicitly professional in their specific work expertise. Everybody's courteous if I may add to that. We will for sure have Land Rover/Jaguar again in our preference for family's future purchase.

Melvin L. | ON | 2016-05-07

Our service advisor , Bun Eap is very very, truly exceptional. He keeps us up to date with the progress of the repair either by email or by phone call and after every service procedure done he follows up a few days later to check if we are satisfied or if the problem persists. Bun elevates any fear we have while driving if we think there might be a problem in not being able to drive further because of a condition or dashboard notification we are not certain of by listening to our description or looking at a picture we took of the dashboard indication.

This happened a few times when we were travelling across country from Toronto to California in which we did not know if we should continue because of an indication we were not certain of. Bun always returns our calls or emails in a very short time unlike other dealerships which return calls at the end of the day or next day.

Thank you for having Bun as our service advisor.

Isaac S. | ON | 2016-05-07

Bun and crew work hard to satisfy.

Patrick K. | ON | 2016-05-07

This was by far the best service experience I have ever had at the dealership. I couldn't be more pleased with the whole team, especially Bun.

Houman S. | ON | 2016-05-07

Amazing Customer Service.

Tara R. | ON | 2016-05-07

The people I deal with in the service department are extremely accommodating  and they are always in a great mood. I always leave feeling very satisfied with my experience.

Jonathan S. | ON | 2016-05-07

Jay and Bun are great, very helpful always.

Shixin W. | ON | 2016-05-07

Very Good Service

Baker And Baker Professional Corporation | ON | 2016-05-07

Serge always goes above and beyond when I bring in my car and makes the service experience truly excellent. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

Doug B. | ON | 2016-05-03

I am extremely satisfied with my service. Gord and Derek took excellent care of me and my car. I want the owner of Grand Touring to know about them.

Karen F | Ontario | 2016-04-05

5 stars... Right from booking my appointment to picking up my Range Rover at the end of the day everyone in the service department was very helpful. I'll be back for sure. Thank you

Michael H. | ON | 2016-03-22

Good morning Jeff, I hope that you are doing well. I just wanted to send you a quick note regarding Bun. I know that I will be getting a survey to fill out next week, but I wanted to let you know directly how unbelievably responsive and professional Bun is. I had a very stressful day yesterday with my Range Rover being stuck running in park in the middle of my street blocking my neighbour’s driveway. Within much less than 24 hours my car is fixed, and ready, with new wipers and a fixed tire, and is being washed. Bun kept me informed along the way and helped me make the various decisions. And he is exceptionally friendly and calming to deal with.

I just wanted you to know this (which I’m sure you already do).

Gregg R. | ON | 2016-03-12

Gord Humes and everyone in service always goes over and above.

Andrew S. | ON | 2016-03-12

Bun Eap is a true professional. Russ and Roman too.

Mark M. | ON | 2016-03-12

Always an absolute pleasure to experience Gord and his team taking great service to an entirely new level.

Frank T. | ON | 2016-03-12

Gord Humes is fantastic. He is extremely professional and courteous and delivers excellent customer service.

Robert A. | ON | 2016-03-12

Thank you

Mahatab H. | ON | 2016-03-10


Jennifer C. | ON | 2016-03-09

Very happy with the service we received from Isaac & Michael.

Alireza Z. | ON | 2016-03-09

Great experience. Thanks.

Lucas A. | ON | 2016-03-09

Service rep was great

Gloria R. | ON | 2016-03-07

Alek was exceptional. He was polite and respectful, yet approachable and jovial. His knowledge of and enthusiasm for the F type was instrumental in our purchase. He was available both before and after we purchased the car to answer questions in a prompt and succinct manner. I would highly recommend your dealership to anyone, primarily due to the service we received and obviously an awesome car.

As an aside, the finance department was friendly and helpful.

Again, I have had nothing but an absolutely positive experience from the moment I first walked in to the dealership to browse cars to the moment we drove off in our new car. You have one valuable person in Alek. Thanks.

Nadir H. | ON | 2016-03-07

I have a new service advisor, Bun. He is excellent. After my experience with my previous advisor I almost left and wasn't going to return. But Bun is excellent and I will come back!

John O. | ON | 2016-03-07

Bun my service advisor was great, fast and professional

Paul H. | ON | 2016-03-07

The people I dealt with were all extremely pleasant, helpful, knowledgable, and accommodating.

Feruza A. | ON | 2016-03-04

It was excellent and special Thanks for Michael Hastie.

Ben G. | ON | 2016-03-04

Gord and his team went above and beyond to help

Patrick A. | ON | 2016-03-02

Peter Feret is a great sales man. He has gone out of his way many times to assist us with purchasing and leasing Range Rovers. He's a star.

Gia D. | ON | 2016-03-02

Bun is great! he wasn't there when i picked up my car and Jay didn't leave me waiting, and made sure i was out as quickly as possible. great team work!

Robert H. | ON | 2016-03-01

Service advisor was extremely helpful and professional and the work was completed in a timely manner. Very satisfied (as always) with the excellent service we received.

Maurice G. | ON | 2016-02-29

I am pleased.

Aronjit P. | ON | 2016-02-28


Evis K. | ON | 2016-02-28


Stephen | ON | 2016-02-28

Purchased new Huracan from heather and service was fantastic also the general manager also introduced himself. Very nice people and great experience!!!

KC | ON | 2016-02-28

Bought a 2015 matte black Aventador. Heather was great!  Will return.

Josh S. | ON | 2016-02-28

Bought a green Huracan and I love it.

Soukratis M. | ON | 2016-02-27

I went to many different dealerships while I weighed my options and Alek definitely stood out as a rep who was knowledgable about his products.

He is a true professional and I liked his calm approach. Overall he was very helpful and made this experience easy and fun.

I will certainly recommend him along with the brand.

Keilder & Jennifer | ON | 2016-02-23

Hi Isaac – just wanted to say how much we enjoyed meeting with you yesterday.  Your customer focus was five star all the way.  By spending the better part of the day with us you helped us to home in on the vehicle we really wanted, and you made the whole buying experience a pleasure.  That positive customer experience only got better when Michael joined us at the end of the day.  Let’s just say that we’ve met sales staff and general sales managers in the past who could take lessons in customer service from you and Michael!

Malgorzata B. | ON | 2016-02-23

Everyone was great.  Gordon, Bun and Sandra were a pleasure to deal with.  The shuttle driver was lovely too...

Bing L. | ON | 2016-02-23


Andrew S. | ON | 2016-02-23

Bun Eap is a thoughtful professional.

Mohammad A. | ON | 2016-02-23

Hello, I was being helped by Gord from service. He does a great job at gaining his clients business and respect in his position at work. Always arranged a car for me As a replacement for my vehicles while it's being serviced and had things repaired to my vehicles that I wasn't even aware of, both vehicles were kept up to date thanks to Gord. Also dealt with Serge once before he's a nice guy too.

Dara N. | ON | 2016-02-23

Exceptional Service!!

Melvin L. | ON | 2016-02-23

Our service advisor Bun Eap is very exceptional.

Continuously informing us of the progress of our Land Rover and alway checking all the areas around the parts that need fixing to ensure the car is in pristine condition.

You only have a rating up to ten.

Bun deserves a 20.

Fred G. | ON | 2016-02-23

Isaac is a true professional that delivers exception service! You have an excellent team.

Lynn F. | ON | 2016-02-23

The Service Advisor is always welcoming, engaged to understand the reason for the visit and has always kept me updated as to when my 2015 RR will be ready for pick-up.

Fraser M. | ON | 2016-02-23

Gord went the extra mile to be a customer advocate and look after my concerns.

Christine K. | ON | 2016-02-23

In particular, Gord Humes makes me feel so welcome and I feel he always "has my back"...

Curtis C. | ON | 2016-02-23

Gord was fantastic. He called me ahead of time on my broken light to ensure it was in inventory and provided all prices so there were no surprises. When I got there I was in and out in only a few minutes. He called me with updates on pricing and when my car would be ready and it was ready. The shuttle driver was waiting for me when I left the building. A truly exceptional experience for service and will deal with Gord from now on.

Mark L. | ON | 2016-02-23

I always have a wonderful experience when I deal with Gord.  Please thank him for me.

Dalia L. | ON | 2016-02-23

Gord Hume has always provided exceptional service and this is one of the reasons I continue to drive Land Rover vehicles. I am a longstanding and loyal client.

William M. | ON | 2016-02-23

Gord Humes is a great representative of your brand. He is a trusted advisor.

Domenico S. | ON | 2016-02-23

My service advisor, Gord, as always goes out of his way to look after all my needs.

Lisa P. | ON | 2016-02-23

Gord is always a pleasure to deal with! Dynamic, professional and efficient at all times. Thanks Gord!

Shane C. | ON | 2016-02-23

Gord Humes and the service team are exceptional always paying attention to detail with really good follow up.

Sandro B. | ON | 2016-02-23

I always have a great experience coming to Grand Touring Automobiles and Gord Humes does a terrific job as my service advisor.

Ryan M. | ON | 2016-02-23

Jey was an exceptional service rep and I would return for more service.

Karim B. | ON | 2016-02-23

Jey, my service advisor is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.

Charles B. | ON | 2016-02-23

Gord stepped in to cover for Jay who was absent and did an exceptional job for me. Very considerate of my time constraints.

Sandra Z. | ON | 2016-02-22

Gordon is an exceptional service advisor. Been with Land Rover and his service for over 10 years. Always goes out of his way to accommodate my needs and schedule.

Glen D. | ON | 2016-02-22

The exceptional level of service has become routine and expected as you have consistently provided such a high level of service. Great job!

Celia M. | ON | 2016-02-22

This was my first experience with this dealer for service ... previously I had been taking my LR2 to where it was purchased at the Coventry North Land Rover dealer in Woodbridge - where the service was always a huge run around; interior cleaning always needed to be redone - promises of credit on future service always declined as the staff member who made the promise was always gone ( huge staff turn over) - I never received 2 interior/exterior cleaning that I had been promised in lieu of bad service that I had paid for. The first year the service at Coventry North was great - starting the second year it was a continuous decline! - an oil change and interior/exterior cleaning was always 2-3 days wait ... so much so that my husband did not choose a Land Rover when replacing his truck .. and I was seriously not upgrading my LR2 with another Land Rover product... the service I received at Grand Touring has me re-considering ... It was my first experience so I will see how things go as we move forward. We love the Land Rover trucks .. but also want good service going forward .. Will be giving our business to Grand Touring and seeing how it goes. The first Experience was amazing!!

Maureen T | ON | 2016-02-10

Thrilled with the attention and service from all of Stevan, Mike and Victoria.

Mohan R. | ON | 2016-02-10

I just bought 2012 Range Rover and my sales person was Stephen Appiah, I should tell he is an amazing person, made me very comfortable, exceptional service before I bought the vehicle and I bought it too, the dealership is very good and friendly, if ever I want to buy another vehicle, I would just close my eyes and deal with them, Stephen deserves more stars than just 5, I drive my rover all the way to calgary from Toronto.

Mike V. | ON | 2016-02-10

I would like to say that the service advisor Bun Eap. is truly great. he is honest very polite, I can trust him period. I was even an hour late bringing in my sport to Bun twice, an he never even mentioned it an had me out of there in no time. I have recommended all my friends that are with Budds to switch to Grand Touring, I did, thank you so much.

Martin P. | ON | 2016-02-10

This was my first service as a Jaguar owner (I have and currently own several other luxury vehicles including Audi and Mercedes vehicles) and can say without reservation that this is the most positive experience I have had in many years. Well done!

Shlomo S. | ON | 2016-02-10

Dear Sir

It is now my four or fifth Jaguar that I am driving. I leased all of them from Mr. Isaac Sargossi. Isaac is a the best sales person any costumer can expect. He never ends his relationship with his client once they obtain the car. He cares beyond his duties. As an example, Toronto can have a lot of pot hole after the winter. While driving my car one Friday afternoon , I managed to hit one of these holes, and ended up with a flat tire. While I knew that all my plans to the rest of the day would no longer be valid, I needed help.The first person who came to mined was Isaac. I called him, I told him on my predicament . He asked me where I am, he called the Jaguar assistance for me, and told me to wait, he was coming to take me home and will stay with the car until the assistnace will arrive. He did so and was waiting for over two hours by himself, which allow me to attend the function which I needed to be.

This is an example of what any company will call " beyond the call of duty "

Thank you Jaguar for having Isaac Sargossi

Micheal G. | ON | 2016-02-10

The best showroom in Ontario.

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